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Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

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Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby azimuth » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:44 pm

Beck: Noir Crime Drama 1997- Sweden



Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloe are a well-known common-law husband and wife team of detective writers from Sweden. Together they conceived and wrote a series of ten novels (police procedurals) about the exploits of detectives from the special homicide commission of the national police in which the character of Martin Beck was the main protagonist. Both authors also wrote novels separately. For the Martin Beck series, they plotted and researched each book together then wrote alternate chapters. The Beck TV-series, based on some of the characters from the Sjowall/Wahlo books but not on the books themselves, revolves around Martin Beck (Peter Haber), Gunvald Larsson (Mikael Persbrandt) and their colleagues at the police force in Stockholm, Sweden. Beck is a divorced, middle-aged man while Larsson is young, forward and quite violent. Together, they make a perfect team, investigating crimes.

A total of 26 90 minute episodes in 4 seasons were made from 1997 to 2009. These were posted on the previous Janna site. The BBC is about to start broadcasting a new season (Five) with a further 4 episodes announced so far. The BBC this week has broadcast the last episode in the fourth season as an introduction to Beck, with the first of the new Season Five episodes due to be broadcast next week followed by three more.

Re-Post of Season Three plus S04E01 - so we are now update and ready for S05E01 next weekend from the BBC

S03E01 - The Scorpion (Skarpt Läge)

A brutally battered woman, Monika, manages to flee from her home with her two children. Later, the body of a dead man is found in the same house. The murder was preceded by an assault; bloodstains found in the kitchen correspond to Monika’s DNA.

Beck.S03E01.Skarpt.Läge.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 858.7 MB

Code: Select all!r1UAkI4Z!Lb5q4x0Gk-3IuLlZ3p7Y0InCn0D8uU6wTOjvxKyloMg

S03E02 – The Unclaimed Girl (Flickan i jordkällaren)

A small girl is found dead in a deserted underground cellar. She has been dead for some time but there is fresh food for her. Who is she?

Beck.S03E02.Flickan.i.Jordkällaren.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 880.3 MB

Code: Select all!Hg1S2aZT!_uqFoYegyvW29BwIXkqdkKxDhmh_EPjY06RcjEXYG7A

S03E03 – The Vulture (Gamen)

Swedish politician John Veden vanishes without a trace. There's no hint he's dead yet but Beck's team gets the case due to Police Chief Oberg's friendship with the man whom she dined with him the evening before he vanished. When they find out Veden was a gambler with heavy debts battling his addiction the case leads Martin Beck, Gunvald Larsson and freshly returned Lena Klingström into Sweden's illegal gambling scene. And Veden was planning to expose his own addiction and his party's huge financial profits from gambling in a confessional book - which his political allies got wind of via illegal data theft. With several people having an interest that Veden stays missing the team tries to find the politician and the true perpetrator while Beck is grappling privately with his ambivalent feelings about working with ex Lena again.

Beck.S03E03.Gamen.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 833.6 MB

Code: Select all!Xp8HwQJS!MS4qSQhHGAeq413vBDYf7YV3n56-eHO87I3_wFmE6cM

S03E04 – The Attorney (Advokaten)

A famous Swedish lawyer is brutally murdered in his apartment. Martin Beck and his team find a clear murder motive. Hansson had a good chance of winning a case against a multinational company. But it appears Hansson was not completely honest and had several links with the underworld. Martin Beck and Lena Klingstrom find evidence which brings new light to the investigation - but who's pulling the strings?

Beck.S03E04.Advokaten.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 853.6 MB

Code: Select all!a0UEhBrJ!X9aZzQjHotB8w0MzsZDCwWkzxORoLHrhggcI5Oz-7rs

S03E05 – The Japanese Shungamaliningen (Den japanska shungamålningen)

Martin Beck gets a phone call from his German colleague, Hans Sperling, who is in Stockholm to buy a painting at auction. Sperling has found a dead woman in his hotel, and needs Martin's help. The murdered woman is shot in bed with the body framed by red roses and modelled after a famous Chagall painting. Along with Sperling Beck team begins to unravel in this case that leads them into the depths of criminal art world. The trail leads them to a small frame shop where Tomstad makes a macabre discovery. Could his findings have no connection with the murder of the woman? Police work is intensified. The clues are added together, and the noose begins to tighten ... the question is who has time to tighten first. The killer or police? The murder investigation leads them into a dark world of art fraud

Beck.S03E05.Den.Japanska.Shungamålningen.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 852.4 MB

Code: Select all!n5tjDDbK!J-jXVhTc8MJghq9HAwzDTyK7e303scclKmXNlxvKP1s

S03E06 – The Weak Link – (Den svaga länken)

A young girl is killed on her way back to her parents’ home after leaving a party. Martin Beck and his crew quickly start the hunt for evidence before the trail goes cold. There are several suspicious people to investigate but do they really know how everyone is connected to one another?

Beck.S03E06.Den.Svaga.Länken.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 877.0 MB

Code: Select all!e4V3UCLY!p4CJEsSruWIMWAwex8sQ13zLyeaftckhAzLSZdp5u-w

Beck S03E07 – The Silent Scream (Det tysta skriket)

Two girls are hit by a train and killed instantly. Was it murder, or double-suicide? It does not seem to fit the profile of a normal suicide. So if this is a double homicide who would do this and why? Martin Beck and his team start following the steps backwards in order to figure out what has happened. With good and intensive police work they find side trails from the main path. They must answer the question of whether the pressure and intimidation faced by these young women in their everyday lives led to their deaths.

Beck.S03E07.Det.Tysta.Skriket.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 845.2 MB

Code: Select all!PkcnBQqQ!1574Q83VrpPKyCXfup4ixUXvAHHptox-MOZ9-F9ReS0

Beck S03E08 – In the Name of God (I Guds namn)

A paparazzi photographer is found dead, his apartment ransacked and the computer together with photo equipment is missing. When Beck's superior Margareta Oberg goes through the evidence, she reacts very strongly to two of the images left behind, going so far as to hide them from the team. Who was in the photographs, and was the motive for the murder revenge, blackmail or something even more sinister?

Beck.S03E08.Guds.Namn.HC,Eng,Subs.mp4 836.9 MB

Code: Select all!HwdmCL5Y!xjZH7pHp00eRARAvdsM_iUf1bMcgmHoJ3FGRP6aIjsU

S04E01 - The Eye of the Storm (Stormens Oga)

When the charred remains of woman are found, Säpo, the Swedish Security Services, suspect Gunvald Larsson of being mixed up in her murder. The dead woman was wanted internationally and is a member of a group of militant eco-activists carrying out attacks around the world. Gunvald sets out on his own to find the woman's murderer, with Säpo on his heels. Martin Beck is ordered to arrest Gunvald and his loyalty to his colleague is now put to the test.

Beck.S04E01.I.Stormens.Oga.HC.Eng.Subs.mp4 834.5 MB

Code: Select all!qgkWgSSI!MdPBceyuPA8Yey0XJDuOc5O9ocwBWjfWrRJJOqIrfOY

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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby JeddaT122 » Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:04 am

Thanks very much for this series and all the others that you post for us to enjoy. It is VERY MUCH appreciated.
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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby amifilm » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:05 am

Wonderful! Thanks, azimuth!
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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby Garden Gnome » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:32 am

Thank you so much for doing this azimuth, I had missed these shows the first time around.
Garden Gnome
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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby kross » Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:05 pm

WOW! thanks azimuth - i think you may need a rest!! i cant thank you enough for all these endless, wonderful posts you're providing!
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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby pepcek » Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:23 pm

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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby doight » Tue Sep 15, 2015 3:51 pm

thank you very much for this wonderful show.
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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby jackintosh » Tue Sep 15, 2015 6:29 pm

Thanks, love this show. Hope the new series is good.
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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby StaffsBlue » Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:22 am

Thank you for Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4!
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Re: Beck: Noir Crime Drama - Season Three plus S04E01 Repost

Postby chanel5 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:48 am

Thank you so much!
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